Pain signaled attack

BY VALLERY BROWN, Staff Writer Published: October 3, 2009
When Mark Henderson began having sharp pains down his left arm, he knew aspirin wasn't going to dull it.

The 54-year old father of two remembers that Friday nine years ago this October. He thought the pain in his arm was just part of growing older, but when he experienced a burning in his chest, he knew something wasn't right.

Henderson said the sensation was like heartburn. He felt it when he moved.

“It never crossed my mind that I was having a heart attack,” Henderson said. “And the way guys think — we believe it will eventually go away.”

At his wife's insistence, Henderson went to an urgent care clinic. Doctors ran a few tests and told him to go to an emergency room immediately because they believed he was having a heart attack.

On the way there, he still didn't think the pain had anything to do with his heart.

“I always associated heart attacks with chest pain and I didn't have that,” Henderson said.

As soon as he arrived at Norman Regional Hospital, doctors began doing more tests. Then, Henderson went into a cold sweat.

Doctors told him he was having a mild heart attack and began administering drugs to lessen damage done to the muscle.

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