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BY DARLA SLIPKE Published: April 7, 2010
Muskogee’s young mayor won re-election outright Tuesday night, surprising even him.

John Tyler Hammons, a 21-year-old college student, said he and his campaign staff were already preparing for a run-off election while votes were being counted. But Hammons managed to defeat his three opponents, who were each more than twice his age, to earn a second term as mayor.

Hammons received 2,531 votes, which was 51 percent of ballots cast.

"It’s a great show of confidence,” he said. "Two years ago, after I got elected the first time, I said change takes commitment. The voters have shown that they’re up to the challenge.”

Hammons will face some big challenges this term. The community is facing a $1.8 million budget shortfall. Hammons said he is determined to find ways to trim expenses without forcing employees to take furloughs.

Hammons’ goals include working with law enforcement officers to prevent drug activity, developing permanent funding for economic development, and creating transparency in government. During the last two years, he said he has learned the value of confidence and compromise, which will help him moving forward.

Several of his opponents criticized him for discord between the mayor and the city council. Hammons said he has noticed a lack of respect and division, but he has made progress toward bridging that gap. He said he plans to continue to work to develop a more amicable relationship with other members of the council.

Hammons celebrated his victory at Cowboy’s Bar-B-Que & Grill in Muskogee with about 50 friends and supporters.

"I want to thank the voters of Muskogee for sending me back to office,” Hammons said.

(x) = winner

Watonga schools

Office 5: Kristi Bruner 151 (37.6%); (x) Earl Lane Edsall 251 (62.4%)

County commissioner

District 3 (unexpired term): (x) Jack Stewart, Republican 863 (56%); John Y. Morris, Democrat 679 (44%)

City of Mustang

City council Ward 2: Kathleen Moon 100 (39.2%); (x) Mark Grubbs 155 (60.8%)

City of Piedmont

City council Ward 1: Craig Eidson 27 (31.4%); (x) Larry M. Gage 59 (68.6%)

City of Lone Grove

City council Ward 5: (x) Mickey Davis 100 (64.1%); Michael T. Hicks 56 (35.9%)

City of Noble

City council Ward 3

(unexpired term): Robert Stegman 5 (16.7%); (x) Gail Hatfield 25 (83.3%)

Gypsy School

Proposition 1: $80,000 bond issue for replacement or renovation of the district’s bus barn. If funds are available,

roof improvements and installation of heaters in a gym are planned. Yes 79 (78.2%); No 22 (21.8%). Passed.

Proposition 2: $170,000 to buy buses. Yes 82 (82%); No 18 (18%). Passed.

Pretty Water School

$225,000 bond issue for

a new roof, installation

of 11 heating and air

conditioning units and painting and repair of the exterior of a school

building. Yes 68 (50%); No 68 (50%). Failed.

Five propositions for

various improvements in Weatherford. If all five propositions are approved, a 1-cent sales tax that expires in September would be extended for 10 years. Percentages of the 1-cent tax would be dedicated to separate projects. If some but not all of the projects are approved, the sales tax extension would be less than 1 cent.

Proposition 1: 41 percent of the penny tax for

city infrastructure

improvements, including

construction of a fire station. Yes 1,233 (77.9%); No 350 (22.1%). Passed.

Proposition 2: 34 percent of the penny tax would go toward a $14 million event center that would be shared by Southwestern Oklahoma State

University. SWOSU

plans to pay half of the cost of construction. Yes 997 (62.9%); No 589 (37.1%). Passed.

Proposition 3: 15 percent of the penny tax for

beautification of a

corridor between

downtown Weatherford and the SWOSU campus. Yes 993 (62.7%); No 591 (37.3%). Passed.

Proposition 4: 5 percent of the penny tax for construction of a combination band room and safe room at the Weatherford School District’s middle school and renovation of rest rooms at East and West elementary schools. Yes 1,208 (76.4%); No 374 (23.6%). Passed.

Proposition 5: 5 percent of the penny tax toward construction of a surgical unit at Weatherford

Regional Hospital. Yes 988 (62.6%); No 591 (37.4%). Passed.

Wynnewood Schools

$275,000 bond issue for school renovations and technology equipment. Yes 256 (86.2%); No 41 (13.8%). Passed.

Chickasha Schools

$20.2 million bond

issue for an early

childhood center for


kindergarten and first grade. Yes 829 (66.6%); No 415 (33.4%). Passed.

City of Healdton

Extension of a 1-cent sales tax to fund the local hospital. Yes 346 (90.9%); No 36 (9.1%). Passed.

El Dorado Schools

$150,000 bond issue for telephones, intercom, security system, furnishings, upgrading the science lab and lunch room, refurbishing the interior and exterior, electrical work, lighting and new water fountains for the elementary and high schools. Yes 115 (85.8%); No 19 (14.2%). Passed.

City of Blackwell

City council Ward 2: Jerry Reid 268 (45.2%); (x) Max Wirtz 325 (54.8%)

Peckham Schools

Proposition 1: $115,000 bond issue to repair the gym floor and school buildings. Yes 53 (85.5%); No 9 (14.5%). Passed.

Proposition 2: $160,000 bond issue to buy two buses. Yes 53 (85.5%); No 9 (14.5%). Passed.

City of Wellston

Extension of a half-cent sales tax for streets and sidewalks. Yes 34 (100%); No 0 (0%). Passed.

City of Muskogee

Mayor: John "Bob”

Coburn 1,447 (29.4%); Teresa Carol Garris 67 (1.36%); (x) John Tyler Hammons 2,531 (51.4%); Chris James 877 (17.8%)

Paden Schools

Office 5: (x) Keith Fipps 179 (59.3%); Kyle Norman 123 (40.7%)

Oklahoma City Schools

Office 7: (x) Ron Millican 194 (73.8%); Larry

Collins 69 (26.2%)

City of Cushing

City commission Ward 3: (x) F. Carey Seigle 386 (56.3%); John Henckel 300 (43.7%)

City of Stillwater

City council Ward 2: (x) John W. Bartley 1,965 (64.9%); Gary L. Stanton 1,065 (35.1%)

City of Yale

City commission Ward 2: (x) Richard Adsit

164 (65.1%); Jimmie

Crenshaw 88 (34.9%)

City of Roff

Proposal to allow the mayor to appoint the position of town clerk/treasurer. Yes 36 (63%); No 21 (37%). Passed.

City of Duncan

City council Ward 3: (x) Tommy Edwards 4,334 (77.1%); Clyde Shaw 1,288 (22.9%)

City council Ward 4: (x) Ricky Mayes 3,368 (60.1%); John Herdt 2,232 (39.9%)

Duncan Schools

$118.9 million bond issue to upgrade the high school building and

extracurricular facilities. The district also would build three new

elementary schools.

Yes 1,119 (18.8%); No 4,841 (81.2%). Failed.

Marlow Schools

Office 5: (x) Terry Turner 271 (50.8%); Cody

Bannister 263 (49.2%)

City of Bixby

City council Ward 4: Rod Taylor 184 (40.8%); (x) Ray Bowen 267 (59.2%)

City of Collinsville

City council Ward 3: Melodie Bateman 47 (44.8%); (x) Sherri L. Davis 58 (55.2%)

Glenpool Schools

Proposition 1: $25 million bond issue for 25 new classrooms, expanding the district’s kitchen and the high school’s student center, completing road construction, resurfacing the track and football field, and adding a new gymnasium, baseball and softball fields and a

locker room. Yes 449 (84.4%); No 83 (15.6%). Passed.

Proposition 2: $170,000 bond issue for two school buses. Yes 448 (84.2%); No 84 (15.8%). Passed.

Washita School

Voters will decide

whether to approve

annexation to the

Cordell School District, effective May 1. Yes 212 (87.2%); No 31 (12.8%). Passed.

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