Static - Episode 26 - The Non

The Non is featured in this week's Static (11/18/2009)
George Lang Modified: October 14, 2010 at 10:56 am •  Published: November 18, 2009

The Non, an experimental, ambient, instrumental four-piece band, made the Oklahoma City music and arts community snap to attention in October 2009 with “OKC Resound,” a special, sold-out event that featured the group playing with 15 members of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic.
The Non staged a recreation of that performance during the 2010 Norman Music Festival festival with Cloud Collision Orchestra, a 13-piece ensemble made up of musicians from the Philharmonic and the University of Oklahoma.“What they're doing is playing music scored by The Non for The Non,” said the band's bassist, Tom Bishop. “Instead of playing a normal show with the four of us doing our thing, we have a big stage at the Sooner Theater . . . We are taking this opportunity to do it again and do it with new music.”The new music comes from the band's sophomore album, “Tadaima” (Japanese for “I'm Home”).The performance will mark The Non's second year at the festival.“For local artists, this is kind of how I view the whole festival,” Bishop said. “‘A,' it is a great chance to go play at the show, but ‘B,' and this is more importantly, it's an opportunity for a lot of local bands to kind of get together and work together in close proximity in a rapid-fire style. You know, quick turnaround between bands, lots of stages. It's kind of a networking opportunity for local musicians who may not otherwise be able to show what they can do for other local bands.“There's a real symbiotic relationship with local music,” Bishop said. “You help me out with a show, I help you out later, you know? So more than anything it's a chance to get together and see what other bands have to offer, so you can stay in touch with what's happening locally.”-- Gene Triplett