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Static - Episode 31 - Visions of Choruses

Visions of Choruses is featured in this week's Static (1/21/2010)
George Lang Modified: October 14, 2010 at 11:00 am •  Published: January 21, 2010

Phillip Rice and Blake Studdard both came from the world of praise music, creating songs for worship in area churches, but the two singer-songwriters also had an abiding love for bold, dramatic flourishes, and Visions of Choruses delivers a heavenly lyrical stance coupled with the kind of sweeping, anthemic music favored by The Arcade Fire.Rice said that Visions of Choruses is fueled by that extraordinary feeling of full immersion and total abandon people can feel in a religious experience or a particularly moving rock concert.
So far, the band, which also includes Becky Rice on keyboards, has used the word "Hallelujah" in all its songs. Phillip Rice said the song, which literally means "praise the Lord" in Hebrew, can mean so many different things to different people."One thing to Jeff Buckley, another thing to Handel's 'Messiah,'" Rice said. "I really like that people can bring on this spiritual experience as they're singing these words that they kind of understand but don't really. They're kind of entering into a realm of experience that they may not have if they're singing... English words that they know."-- George Lang