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The Main Event: The pulse of Oklahoma State fans

Glad the Cowboys are still in the Big 12? What's the toughest game on the schedule this season? Who's OSU's best player? Here's what 100 Cowboy fans said about these questions and more.
BY JOHN HELSLEY, STAFF WRITER, JHELSLEY@OPUBCO.COM Modified: August 16, 2010 at 8:43 am •  Published: August 15, 2010

photo - Running back Kendall was voted Oklahoma State's best player and favorite player by a poll of 100 Cowboy fans. PHOTO BY SARAH PHIPPS, THE OKLAHOMAN ARCHIVE
Running back Kendall was voted Oklahoma State's best player and favorite player by a poll of 100 Cowboy fans. PHOTO BY SARAH PHIPPS, THE OKLAHOMAN ARCHIVE
STILLWATER -- Rebuild? What rebuild?

So the Cowboys lost Zac Robinson and Russell Okung and 16 starters overall, prompting national analysts to pick Oklahoma State to lag well behind in the Big 12 South.

Cowboys fans stand confident their program has arrived, predicting another successful season for their squad in The Oklahoman's annual poll of 100 fans.

OSU supporters see their Pokes going bowling again, with a majority suggesting a San Antonio holiday is in order at the Alamo Bowl. A few, 3 percent, are aiming highest: the BCS Championship game.

OSU followers are more split on the trend of playing weeknight games.

The Cowboys will play on Thursday (Texas A&M) and Friday (Louisiana-Lafayette) this season. Those in favor, 49 percent, point to the increased television exposure. Those against, 36 percent, think college football belongs on Saturday.

Arkansas and TCU top the list of teams preferred if the Big 12 expands. Most Cowboys fans, 58 percent, are happy to still be in the Big 12, although 42 percent preferred the near-move to the Pac-16.

Kendall Hunter is the top choice as OSU's best player and favorite player.

The toughest game: at Texas on Nov. 13

And Cowboys fans mostly embrace pushing the Bedlam game back into December, should the Big 12 prefer to remain relevant in December in the absence of a conference title game.

Q. Did you prefer the idea of a move to a Pac-16, or are you happy to remain in the Big 12?

Big 12 (58 percent)

Pac-10 (42 percent)

"I like the Big 12, but I think that we have put a Band-Aid on a wound. At some point the conference will have to expand or it will get swallowed up. Next time, Oklahoma State may not be in as good of a position." &msdash; Eric Woodworth, Edmond

"In the long run, you have more big cities, more fans. You've got five or six of the biggest markets in the nation in the Pac-16." — Mike Gray, Perkins

"To be honest, I can't see leaving a Cadillac for a Volkswagen. Who plays for a national championship every year? Usually a Big 12 team." — Brian Johnson, Oklahoma City

"The Pac 16. I'm scared to death of what happens when Boone dies." — Brett Thompson, Edmond

Q. What teams would you like to see added if the Big 12 opts to expand?

Arkansas (40 percent)

TCU (22 percent)

Houston (6 percent)

BYU (6 percent)

LSU (5 percent)

Tulsa (3 percent)

Air Force (2 percent)

Arizona (2 percent)

Arizona State (2 percent)

Nebraska (2 percent)

Colorado (2 percent)

Other (4 percent)

"I would add Air Force Academy because it brings not only a Colorado market but also a limited national market among those who serve or have connection with the Air Force." — Hiram Sasser, McKinney, Texas

"Arkansas, for sure. That's such a natural fit. It's nice easy drive, it would be great. The other, I don't know, maybe a team like TCU or Houston. I'd hate to have another Texas team, but it makes sense." — Lisa Jansen, Ponca City

"Arkansas and Tulsa. That will start to get rid of the Texas-dominant feeling to have a couple of natural rivals like that." — Mitch Bloom, Stillwater

Q. Who's the best player on this Cowboys team?

Kendall Hunter (65 percent)

Orie Lemon (13 percent)

Brandon Weeden (12 percent)

Markelle Martin (4 percent)

Ugo Chinasa (4 percent)

Cooper Bassett (1 percent)

Quinn Sharp (1 percent)

"Throughout the years, he's our star."

Toby Chadrick, Tuttle

"Hopefully going to be Weeden, leading the pack."

Bill McAngus, Pauls Valley

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