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River improvements great, but why denigrate its past?

Oklahoman Published: September 25, 2010

Regarding "Economic opportunities bubble up along river" (Business news feature, Sept. 19): As a native Oklahoma City resident, I'm both excited and impressed by the transformation of the Oklahoma River as it runs through the heart of Oklahoma City. I support the development of that part of Oklahoma City. A world-class rowing center is a source of pride. However, I take exception with the article's denigration of the river as "a waterway that was a mere ditch and an embarrassment to the city a dozen years ago."

Embarrassment? Really? The river, with its broad flood plain and seasonal water flow, is precisely what's native to this environment. The improvements along a handful of miles are great. Why, though, do you have to denigrate what God and nature made in order to lift up what civic leaders have accomplished?

Mark Christian, Oklahoma City