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Blizzard sends house to the dog

Be it ever so humble, in a deep freeze, there's no place like a toasty laundry-room home for a geriatric canine companion.
by Richard Mize Published: February 5, 2011

There's nothing like a foot of snow and a weeklong deep freeze to give you a new perspective on your house.

Why, yes, that is a lot of snow up there on the roof. That's a roof, that is, for sure. Loaded with snow. More snow than I've ever seen up there on those shingles. On that decking. On the roof.

Hope it holds!

Here's hoping that snow doesn't melt, then freeze, then melt and seep up under those shingles, and leak through that decking into the attic, onto the ceiling. That's ice damming. And it is damning. Those are ceilings in there. Drywall ceilings — emphasis on “dry,” because they don't like “wet.”

That's what snow up on a roof is after it melts and gets under the shingles and drips through the decking into the house: wet. And costly. Better get that snow off there. Done.

Why, yes, that is a geriatric weenie dog in the laundry room. He is an outside dog. It's so cold to his 11-year-old bones, he is inside. That is him snoring in the middle of the night — and in the middle of the day — louder than I do.

His name is Bailey. That is his water bowl. That is his feed dish. Those are his blankies. Aww. Isn't he cute? Did I mention that he snores in the middle of the night — and in the middle of the day — louder than I do?

Oh. Are those poopies? Why, yes, they are. Is that a puddle? Poor Bailey. Is he hanging his graying head and looking away from me? Awww. Yes. That is an actual hangdog look. And ^&=$*@%!!

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