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Q&A with NBA All-Star Kevin Durant

by Darnell Mayberry Published: February 21, 2011

Q: What do you take from the All-Star Game going into the final stretch of the season?

A: “The energy. I guess momentum. Shots felt good. So hopefully the next couple of days, they will feel good as well.”

What was the highlight of All-Star Weekend?

“Just winning the game. Being named a starter. It was a good game in the fourth quarter, so as a player, a competitive player, that's something I enjoy playing in.”

What was it like to be a teammate of Kobe Bryant's when he was on a roll?

“It was like playing in a playground. It was like a pick-up game almost. I see it on TV all the time. I play against him all the time. But to be on his team and see the things that he was doing out there is just amazing. I grew up watching him, and to play alongside him is just an honor.”

How important was it for you and Russell Westbrook to experience the All-Star game together as you both try to move your individual games and the Thunder to the next level?

“Just being here among these great players and having my teammate there (was important). Our chemistry continues to just get better every day. (As) I think back over the weekend, we were always together.”

How much more comfortable were you in your second All-Star Game experience?

“I felt a lot more comfortable. I think me being a starter helped me out a little bit, and also having my teammate there. Last year, I was a bit nervous just being around the guys. But this year, I felt like I belonged.”