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Pet Tales: A second trip to a local shelter seals two sisters' fate

Pet Tales: Readers share stories about their pets.
Oklahoman Published: August 29, 2011

It was a warm May afternoon when my husband and I visited Pets & People Animal Shelter in search of a second dog. Six months earlier, from the same shelter, we'd adopted Sophie, a terrier mix with wild, wavy hair and a can-do, loving attitude. Little did we know when we went for our return trip just how much fate had in store.

When we first adopted Sophie, she was one of two littermates. Her sister, with the same wiry hair but in a different color, was more people shy. Not having raised dogs before, we weren't quite ready for the challenge of training two young puppies. We made a decision and brought Sophie home with us. Some weeks later, we found out from the shelter that her sister had been adopted by another family.

Sophie was about 9 months old when we decided it was time to adopt again, so out we set on a journey to find the perfect companion.

We searched high and low for many weeks, but not a single dog caught our attention. Finally, we ventured back out to Yukon, and brought Sophie along for the ride.

The first pup we inquired about was now 60 pounds and still growing. Scratch that idea. The second, a sweet looking terrier mix in an outside pen, was still under the control of the Yukon Animal Shelter and not available for adoption. Finally, we looked around in the back pens, but again, not one dog was “it.”

We were mulling over our options when a shelter volunteer, seeing Sophie at our feet, approached and asked whether we'd adopted her from their shelter. “Yes,” we said, “about six months ago. And her sister was here, too.”

“Her sister's back,” the volunteer said.

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