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Remembering 9/11: Marcus Craig

Oklahoman Published: September 11, 2011
It was my first semester at OSU, and I was one of the freshmen to have a 7:30 am class. We had just gotten out of English, and were headed back to the cafeteria for breakfast. Upon walking in, we were immediately fixed to the TV.

All we saw was the first tower smoking. I didn't really watch much of the newscast (the volume was usually low, w/closed captioning turned on), and ate my breakfast quickly so that I could return to my room and study.

When I arrived to my room, the 2nd tower had been struck, and it was apparent that something far worse than a mechanical failure, gas rupture or anything else. It's amazing how surreal everything seemed.

The next 2 days was filled with empty classes because 2 of my TA's, who were Iranian, were terrified to show up because they were getting threatened (which is a total shame).