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Cowboys tip their hat to conditioning coach Rob Glass

by John Helsley Published: September 25, 2011

The Cowboys seized Saturday's game at Texas A&M in the second half, for sure.

Offense and defense flipped the switch, reversing a ragged first 30 minutes.

But they also won it in June and July and finally August practices, pushing through the most scorching summer in Oklahoma history.

It was hot and humid on Kyle Field, with temperatures in the high 90s through much of the game. And when Oklahoma State turned up the heat, hurrying the pace on both sides of the ball, the Aggies wilted.

“I thought our team was in tremendous physical condition,” said Cowboys coach Mike Gundy. “I thought that we had a lot left in the fourth quarter.

“What this came down to was I thought our team was in better physical condition – by a long shot.”

Rob Glass, OSU's strength and conditioning coach, gets a lot of credit within the Cowboys, with players and coaches frequently praising the benefits of Glass' regimen. And it isn't all macho, tough stuff, either.

During this preseason, the Pokes actually backed off in certain areas, focusing on players maintaining weight and strength – and not exhaust them – in an effort to remain fresh.

Saturday, we witnessed a payoff.

As the Cowboys played faster, the Aggies fatigued, to the point that their frequent fall outs on the field raised suspicions of a New York Giants-style fake job. It was a theory that spread through the press box and extended to the field, where Gundy himself raised the question to the officials.

After the game, Gundy softened somewhat.

“I don't know, there were so many guys who got cramped up…” Gundy said. “At one point I got frustrated. Like the official said, ‘How do I know if it's real or not?' And he's right.

“I got caught up in the emotions of the game, because we were going fast, fast, fast, and every time we got going, they were down. You would like to think no,” they weren't faking.

The Aggies may or not have used some gamesmanship.

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