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To storm or not to storm: Taking safety into consideration for storming the field

BY JENNI CARLSON, Staff Writer, Published: December 2, 2011

Storming the field may look like all fun and games, but there are plenty of stories to the contrary. Here are some instances that might make you think twice about rushing the field:

1993: Michigan at Wisconsin

In perhaps one of the ugliest scenes of post-game delirium, Wisconsin fans got trapped behind a fence as Badger faithful stormed the field after a marquee victory against Michigan. The fence eventually collapsed, and the people who fell with it were trampled. Sixty-five fans, mostly students, were taken to area hospitals with broken bones, cuts and bruises.

1994: Wyoming at Colorado State

A security guard with a chest bruise and a fan with a broken ankle were admitted to the hospital after Colorado State fans rushed the field after defeating rival Wyoming. At least six others visited the hospital as well.

2000: Tennessee at Georgia

The storied hedges at Georgia were destroyed when fans stormed the field after the Bulldogs defeated the Vols for the first time in 12 years. Some Georgia fans were on the field in the end zone before the game even ended, forcing the referees to stop the game and push everyone back off the turf. One female student was trampled and sent to the hospital, Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer was tackled, and several student managers were knocked down in the melee. Georgia fans also ripped out stadium seats and caused wheelchair ramps to collapse.