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Oklahoman Published: January 22, 2012

“A modified SORC/NORCE plan has been provided to the Legislature and posted on the DHS website. It's unclear whether this is the final plan or what action the Commission will take in its regard. The Commission is giving time in its upcoming meeting to receive a status report from agency staff.”

Brad Yarbrough, Oklahoma Department of Human Services Commission Chairman

“The Department's formal quality assurance program monitors each service agency to ensure compliance with best practice standards and client safeguards, such as employee background checks, training and critical incident reporting. In addition, each private service agency assigns a program coordinator to ensure that agency staff are implementing the individual's service plan including maintaining their health and safety. Our first obligation is to keep people safe, and I think our plan fulfills that very well.”

James Nicholson,

DHS' Director of Developmental Disabilities Services Division

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