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Survival tips for lice infestations

Staying calm and getting organized can help speed up recovery from a lice infestation.
BY CHRISTINA NIHIRA Published: March 13, 2012


Survival tips for lice infestation

Lice thrashers Summer Steel and Ashli Scott, who own Liceology, offer recommendations for surviving the discovery of lice in your child's hair, as well your home.

1. Don't panic. There is no shame or embarrassment in having head lice. How your react to your child having head lice is exactly how they will react. Don't make them feel as though they've done something bad, or that they need to be isolated.

2. Treatment. Whatever method you select, remember the most important thing is to follow the label's directions to ensure your safety and complete lice removal.

3. Get organized. Gather the tools you will need for battle. Having what you need keeps the process moving efficiently. Be sure to have good lighting. Tools include:

The product chosen as a treatment.

Hair clips.

Clean brush.

Fine-toothed comb.

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