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Obama saves auto industry but not oil and gas

Oklahoman Modified: April 4, 2012 at 6:46 am •  Published: April 4, 2012

President Barack Obama bailed out the auto industry for the sake of saving jobs. General Motors and Chrysler borrowed the money and paid it back. The auto industry is the largest oil consuming industry. The industry provides everything to build a car — paint, dyes, tires, hoses, oils and lubricants, etc. Plastic fibers for upholstery, carpets, chrome and glass all come from natural gas. The steel, cast iron, aluminum and brass come from factory forges fired up with natural gas and oil — not to mention the gasoline to operate the vehicle.

It seems strange the Obama administration, at every point, has prevented the oil industry from discovering and producing oil. They stopped production in the Gulf, off the East and West coasts, on federal lands and the northern Keystone pipeline from Canada. Taxes and the EPA standards cripple and slow down the industry and we pay for it at the pump. The oil industry needs no borrowed money to save/create jobs.

Over 100,000 jobs will be created just to build, operate and maintain the Keystone pipeline. Why isn't Obama saving the Keystone pipeline for the sake of jobs? If he's so against Big Oil, why save the auto industry? Could it be that his union buddies are being paid back? If he were really a “greenie,” he would've let the auto industry collapse; instead, he's a hypocrite.

Let Big Oil drill, create jobs and move the price of oil down!

Tom Fisher, Oklahoma City


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