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At Home: Get a whiff of this — home scent management

Marni Jameson: People often overlook their homes’ smells, not only because they’re invisible, but also because — and here’s the tricky essence of the problem — we don’t always know what our homes smell like to others.

BY MARNI JAMESON Published: April 23, 2012
Among the first impressions the old house gave off was its smell. The place hadn’t been lived in for months and rather reeked of neglect.

Even after I opened the windows and doors, and shook the place up by moving in, the house smelled musty, the bathrooms dank. I don’t fault the house. I’ll surely smell musty, too, when I’m 130 years old. I just hope someone douses me in Estee Lauder’s finest.

The house (like...

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