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Peace and quiet destroyed by loud oil pumps

Published: May 21, 2012

On April 4 I sent a certified letter to Gov. Mary Fallin asking for clarification on noise laws concerning oil production. I live in the middle of the oil patch north of Velma and am glad our state is becoming more active in oil exploration. The pump jacks around me are on electric motors and are no problem at all. However, an old well was reactivated using a gas motor (on propane) that can be heard for miles, right through our home's walls. I wanted to see if the state of Oklahoma has any laws protecting neighboring landowners from the abuse of loud pump noise.

I also sent a follow-up email to the governor with no response. So I'm asking if there are any laws and who enforces them. Do oil companies have complete freedom in this regard without any state oversight?

I like living in Oklahoma. Our 100-acre ranch is just perfect. I have it fenced to keep livestock in and intruders out but the incessant loading and reloading of an oil pump every 15 seconds on someone else's property doesn't stop at my fence and has destroyed my confidence that I can live here in peace and quiet. This issue must be addressed.

Charles Goodwin, Duncan