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Being conservative isn't for weak

Published: June 27, 2012

During this pre-election period many politicians and wannabes describe themselves as conservatives. Some Republican politicians seeking re-election list many of their legislative accomplishments as proof of their conservatism. In today's political environment, I suppose supporting anything that falls in the realm of “common sense” could be touted as conservative. Don't liberals believe in common sense too?

A real conservative should believe in absolutes and stand up for and take on the tough issues, knowing that those of the liberal persuasion will whine and cry in all ways possible. A real conservative may seek to ban driving a car while texting or talking on the phone, enforce capital punishment, find work for welfare recipients, make mommies and daddies responsible for their children or face loss of welfare benefits and possible loss of reproductive potential. Real conservatives might let the people vote on tough issues like freezing property taxes for seniors without all the means testing liberals love.

In today's world of liberal educators and news media, being conservative isn't for the weak. Saying you're conservative is easy. Being conservative is not.

John R. Benson, Edmond