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Oklahomans in the 2012 London Olympics

Taking a look at athletes with state ties who are competing in the 2012 Olympics.
BY RJ YOUNG Published: July 15, 2012

Taking a look at the athletes with Oklahoma ties who will compete in the 2012 London Olympics.


Tyson Chandler, U.S. — Former OKC/New Orleans Hornet

Kevin Durant, U.S. — Oklahoma City Thunder

James Harden, U.S. — Oklahoma City Thunder

Serge Ibaka, Spain — Oklahoma City Thunder

Chris Paul, U.S. — Former OKC/New Orleans Hornet

Russell Westbrook, U.S. — Oklahoma City Thunder

Joseph Sharpe, U.S. athletic trainer — Oklahoma City Thunder trainer


Chris Brooks, U.S. — Former Oklahoma gymnast

Jake Dalton, U.S. — Oklahoma gymnast

Jonathan Horton, U.S. — Former Oklahoma gymnast

Steve Legendre, U.S. — Former Oklahoma gymnast

Alex Naddour, U.S. — Former Oklahoma gymnast

Mark Williams, U.S. personal coach — Oklahoma gymnastics coach


Mike Rodgers, U.S. — Former Oklahoma Baptist athlete

Prince Mumba, Zambia — Former Oral Roberts athlete

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