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by Stephanie Kuzydym Modified: July 19, 2012 at 4:32 pm •  Published: July 19, 2012

Good morning and thanks for joining me for my first Power Lunch Chat. Let's get right to business.

Any word about Courtney Gardner making it to campus?

Jeremy, short and simple for you: honestly, no word that I've heard yet.

Do you see OU going undefeated? If not who do you see them losing to?

OU could go undefeated but I'm not going to make any predictions. You have Geno Smith at West Virginia who is racking in preseason awards. And if OU and WVU are both undefeated by the time they play each other, that's two top 10 teams (probably more like top 5) facing off. TCU doesn't look to have the toughest schedule either so come the final game, they could still be undefeated. That could lead to some exciting football for the last game.

Pre-season first team All-Big 12 QB, Landry Jones vs. Geno Smith, your thoughts

Jones has the stats to support him, but so does Smith. It's a whole new season so I'm not sure I can really differentiate too much between the two. Who knows what will happen for Jones without Broyles and the majority of his receiving core. You saw a little bit of that last season. I'd say, Jones has more adversity to face.

I think Mike Stoops will make a really good adjustments on the defense side of the ball. Typically in the secondary. Your thoughts?

I know OU pulled in a lot of recruits for the offense. I know that wasn't the perfect plan for Mike but I think you'll see some adjustments. I mean, he swayed Sanchez from Baylor to OU and he wasn't hired to make bad adjustments for his brother. ... and after Broyles being hurt and Landry not finding the end zone last year without him, I would think Stoops would look to improve the run game - but I don't know for sure.

Why won't David Boren go to the SEC, going to the PAC 12 doesnt make geographic sense and will the run game be better then last year.

Geographic sense has nothing to do with why teams switch conferences. Ok, maybe it does somewhat. But it's more about the money. I sat down with IU's athletic director Fred Glass last fall. He talked a lot about the new conference and that the reason Nebraska switched to the Big Ten wasn't just because flights were easier, it's because the Big Ten has an enormous TV deal with the Big Ten Network which brings the program money.

As a long-time OU football season ticket holder I was shocked that my request for TCU tickets was not honored. Did TCU only release a few tickets to the Sooners? What's up with that?

That's a great question. I honestly don't know how many tickets were released. I'm going to guess fewer tickets were released to Sooners. Being from Indiana, I know a lot of people who are trying to fly out to OK for the OU/ND game and there are so few tickets that were released for Irish fans, people are having a hard time finding one. But the TCU tickets is something I will look into. If you want to send me an email so I can send you information once I've found out, feel free.

Will the BellDozer feature more passing this year? Any chance Trey Metoyer catches more passes that Stills this year? What did Bob Stoops think about Stills posing in a dress on his Twitter page?

On the BellDozer, haven't asked Stoops that question yet. I actually just met Coach for the first time yesterday and sadly, I didn't think to ask him about Stills posing in that dress. Somebody's bound to ask it come Big 12 Media days next Monday and Tuesday. As for Metoyer and Stills, if you look to the Red-White game, looks like Metoyer but in the end, it's going to be whoever Landry finds open more. That's my guess.

Any idea who will be the OU nickel back? Any news on the last OU recruits getting to campus? Any injury/rehab updates?

No idea on either. Sorry I can't be more informative on that. I would say right now is the calm before the storm. Meaning there isn't a whole lot of information right now but starting next week I think I'll be able to say "I don't know. I'm sorry." a little less.

What's the very latest news out of Norman? Are the players excited about getting started or what?

When I talked with Coach yesterday, he said that they were shooting the opening video Tuesday night. All the Heisman winners were there, except Bradford, along with the team and everyone was really hyped. He said it started at around 10 p.m. and when he left at 11 it was still going full steam ahead.

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by Stephanie Kuzydym
Stephanie Kuzydym learned at a young age that life is a game of inches. That's just one reason why she loves football. Kuzydym joined The Oklahoman in July 2012. Before arriving in the state, Kuzydym was an intern for the sports departments at...
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