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Misrepresentation of the purpose of the Second Amendment

Published: August 1, 2012

In response to Clarence Page (Commentary, July 27): Behind every outraged call for stricter gun control is a complete misrepresentation of the purpose of the Second Amendment. That constitutional right wasn't made a key element of preserving liberty simply for hunting or even for self-defense. Keeping power-hungry elements of a central government authority from abuse of power is ensured only if the general citizenry is armed enough to represent a credible partisan militia that bars the use of force as an easy tool for that government.

That was the specific intent of the Founders, having witnessed how helpless unarmed subjects have been historically, with their individual liberties denied by authoritarian governments. Look at the elements of calls for more gun control that focus on those technical details that limit the military effectiveness of personal firearms and make it easier to confiscate what firearms remain.

The media hype the body count of misused firearms, but by their logic, banning all swimming pools would save more children's lives than banning guns. Government is frustrated by an armed citizenry and will enlist the gullible to remove that obstacle to its unfettered power.

Pat Kelley, Oklahoma City