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Brian Presley uses Oklahoma football background for film role

Actor Brian Presley made the actual football plays seen in “Touchback,” released Tuesday on DVD.
BY SANDI DAVIS Published: September 4, 2012

Brian Presley's football playing background made him a good fit to play quarterback Scott Murphy in “Touchback,” a movie coming out Tuesday on DVD.

The actor, best known for his role as Jack Ramsey in both “Port Charles” and “General Hospital,” was born in Midland, Texas. That's “Friday Night Lights” football country for the uninformed.

His family moved to Jenks, another football powerhouse city, and he started as quarterback for the Trojans. He briefly played the same position for the University of Arkansas when the acting bug bit, and he left sports for acting.

“It was good to put the pads back on again,” Presley said in a telephone interview. “I hate sports movies that looks like the actor has never played sports. I made every play you see in the movie.”

Director Don Handfield deliberately cast actors who had been football players. Along with Presley, actor Marc Blucas played basketball at Wake Forest and high school football. He plays Chris Hall, the movie's star receiver.

What that meant was when Presley actually threw a pass, they could film that, as well as Blucas catching that pass.

As much as Presley enjoyed the football game in the movie, he liked the love story in it, too.

“People who watch the movie can relate to the love story,” he said. “It leaves them satisfied, going back to the meaning of friends and family, even after the lights fade.”

Presley's Oklahoma ties come back again and again.

“The movie's plot reminds me of the Garth Brook's song ‘Unanswered Prayers,'” the actor said, referencing some of the lyrics. “Some of the greatest gifts we are given come from unanswered prayers.”

He believed that so much, and likes Brooks so much, he went to Vegas to see the fellow Oklahoman perform.

Presley said when he was contacted about the movie, writer/director Handfield wanted to meet him and talk about the role and within five minutes of meeting the other man, he knew he was supposed to make this movie.

“The message of this movie is a story about life — when things don't go as planned, what if you were given a chance to do it over? Would you change anything or would you do things differently?

“It's about accepting life where you are, unexpected challenges, community, family,” Presley explained.

He said that when the movie was screened, married couples approached him and thanked him for showing a strong, loving marriage.