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Oklahoma State football: Daytawion Lowe says Texas fumbled on final TD

OSU FOOTBALL — Cowboys coach Mike Gundy said he didn't have a good view of the game's final play, but Daytawion Lowe said Texas fumbled and he recovered.
by John Helsley Published: September 29, 2012

Mike Gundy had no view of the fumble/no fumble that became the winning touchdown for Texas.

He only had the word of Cowboys safety Daytawion Lowe, who emerged from a goal-line scrum with the ball.

And Lowe's word had already failed with the game officials, who ruled a touchdown for Texas running back Joe Bergeron – a ruling that was upheld by the replay official – resulting in the decisive points in the Longhorns' 41-36 win.

“I only know what people told me,” Gundy said. “I'm not commenting on officiating, but our guy said he fumbled and he got it. That's why I was running down the sideline. I didn't see it because of the pile. But our guys said that he fumbled the ball back here… and he said he got it. That's all I know.

“But they reviewed it, so somebody took a look at it and obviously didn't think it was a fumble.”

Not so obviously, apparently.

On Twitter following the game, ESPN's Skip Bayless weighed in: “Okla State just got robbed of a win over Texas when replay failed to reverse the winning TD. Obvious fumble recovered by OSU. Refs choke.”

The setting: after OSU had gone ahead 36-34 on a Quinn Sharp field goal with 2:34 remaining, Texas marched to the Cowboys 2. On second-and-goal from there, Bergeron took a handoff up the middle and plunged toward the goal line.

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