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Writer made the case for letting PBS stand alone

Published: October 13, 2012

My compliments to Alice Ebert (Your Views, Oct. 10) for her so succinctly presenting the case for the withdrawal of taxpayer money from the Public Broadcasting Service. Since she and so many millions of people need PBS as their source of educational and “impartial” daily viewing, the network should be able to financially stand on its own. PBS is worth billions. Big Bird alone brings in millions in merchandising. Bill Moyers, Travis Smiley and Charlie Rose are Ebert's source of “impartial” information? They're about as “impartial” with their leftist views as Rush Limbaugh is with his conservative views. At least Rush admits he represents a biased view while the PBS gang pretends to be unbiased. Rush brings in millions in advertising revenue because people listen to his show.

Let PBS continue to stand on the corner several times a year with its hand out, panhandling for manna from its audience. Let it seek advertisers to support its leftist agenda if it wants, but as Mitt Romney said, we no longer borrow from China to support a wealthy network on the backs of the children watching Big Bird today as they become taxpayers tomorrow.

My thanks to Ebert for showing us that PBS should be ashamed.

Leo Kuschnereit, Midwest City


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