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Will morally bankrupt government or God-fearing leadership win election?

Published: October 14, 2012

The America I was born in was unashamedly a nation that loved the God of our fathers. We never considered that because we humbly and gratefully loved our God and His Son that we would love our neighbor any less because they might have different beliefs. In today's America we're being shuffled along step by step down a socialist path where government is pitting one group against another to slowly reform our beliefs. We're told that anything that attempts to honor God is narrow-minded and socially insensitive. While citizens with moral accountability to God attempt to stand against the rising tide of godless government, we're dismissed as irrelevant and out of touch.

My question is this: What will it take for you to take a stand? How far will we let government push us before we say enough? Our government has taken our sacred trust and conducts itself in a direct assault against the moral base that made us a great nation. Government promises to benefit everyone if we will just go along and vote for the unending empty promises provided by the loss of more and more freedoms — and just a little higher tax on the rich. I don't know when I became rich but I must be since my taxes keep going up.

When you stand in the voting booth this November, ask yourself if you're willing to say no to this morally bankrupted government and yes to God-fearing leadership.

David High, Oklahoma City

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