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Oklahoma State football: Three questions with Cowboys coach Mike Gundy

by John Helsley Published: October 13, 2012
LAWRENCE, Kan. — Oklahoma State escaped with a 20-14 victory over Kansas Saturday. Cowboy coach Mike Gundy talked about the why the Cowboys struggled offensively, the mindset of the team entering the game and the decisive roughing the kicker play that helped seal the OSU victory.

Did your recent success against Kansas affect the team's focus coming into this game?

“I would like to say no, but it's one of those circumstances that I don't know if anybody really knows. They practiced pretty well, and I thought their intensity was good. That's really the only way we can really gauge what their thought process was. This is an unusual team, because we've got some really mature guys, and some really young guys. They're split pretty good. (There are) first-year guys have to play some. In situations like this, when you're more mature, you kind of push through it. But when you're young in certain areas, that adjustment's more difficult.”

Why wasn't the running game able to get going?

“They were more physical up front in the running game than we were, just from an outsider looking in. It looked like over the last four years, in this style of offense, there have been certain games that we've played that we just pounded people running the ball, even when maybe even us or other people didn't think we could, and then there are certain games where it just looked bad. And in my opinion, today it just looked bad.”

How big was Quinn Sharp taking the hit for the roughing the kicker penalty when it looked like KU would get the ball back with the chance to take the lead?

“I can't deny that when that happened, I was glad that we didn't have to go back out there and try to stop their offense that had some momentum at that particular time.”