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Power Lunch Chat with Jason Kersey transcript, Oct. 19, 2012

The Oklahoman's Jason Kersey took questions from readers in today's Power Lunch Chat. Participate in our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11 a.m. on

by Jason Kersey Modified: October 19, 2012 at 12:02 pm •  Published: October 19, 2012

The Oklahoman's Jason Kersey took questions from readers in today's Power Lunch Chat. Participate in our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11 a.m. on Below is an unedited transcript of the chat.

NewsOKSports 10:50 a.m. Jason will be logging in at 11 a.m., but you can start sending in your questions now.
11:00 a.m. Do you think that there would be a slight chance Mangino could replace Bruce Kittle as o line coach at some point? Do you like Kittle as OU's line coach?
Jason Kersey 11:01 a.m. I think there's always a chance Mangino comes back, just because of the relationships he has with the OU coaches.
Larry 11:01 a.m. Who will be covering OU/Kansas from your staff?
Jason Kersey 11:02 a.m. Myself, Stephanie Kuzydym, Ryan Aber and Jenni Carlson
11:02 a.m. I didn't realize that Jalen Saunders was that small. How do you think he compares to Ryan Broyles in style?
Jason Kersey 11:04 a.m. They're both quick, explosive slot receivers with great hands. I can't really answer that question too much until I see more of Saunders, but right now he looks like he could be a special player for OU
11:04 a.m. Your score prediction for OU/Kansas?
Jason Kersey 11:04 a.m. OU 56, Kansas 20
11:06 a.m. How do you see the OU/Notre Dame game?
Jason Kersey 11:07 a.m. I think OU wins and probably wins by a couple touchdowns. The Irish have a good defense but haven't had much of an offense, and in Norman I think the Sooners will handle Notre Dame
Larry 11:07 a.m. Do you think K-State wins the Big 12?
Jason Kersey 11:08 a.m. It really is impossible to pick the Big 12 champ right now, but K-State has to be the favorite. At least until they lose a game
harry man 11:11 a.m. nice story on coach Mangino. have you ever Meet the coach
Jason Kersey 11:11 a.m. I've just talked to him on the phone, but haven't met him in person
harry man 11:12 a.m. where is mike sherman from
Jason Kersey 11:12 a.m. He is from the great state of Maryland
Larry 11:12 a.m. Bama and Oregon for the BCS champ?
Jason Kersey 11:13 a.m. That looks like the best bet right now. Those two teams look like the top squads in the nation right now
Alum in Az 11:15 a.m. Who is most likely to beat Alabama?
Jason Kersey 11:16 a.m. I'd probably say LSU, even though they haven't been as impressive as they were at this point last year.
RODRIGO 11:17 a.m. Jason, interesting article on the fan stages of grief. Surely some will be coming back to the stage where there's optimism. That being said, do you think that we are always what our situations hand us, either sadness (after a loss) or euphoria (a win)?
Jason Kersey 11:18 a.m. Love the Billy Joel reference. I'd say that is correct.
11:18 a.m. Do you know much about Alex Ross? Will he be a star?
Jason Kersey 11:20 a.m. Alex Ross has a ton of talent and certainly has the ability to be a productive back in this Sooner offense. I don't know about "star," but I definitely won't rule it out.
Alum in Az 11:20 a.m. I have a co-worker Sooner fan who had lost his mind after the K-State game. Told him yesterday that he jumped off the bandwagon too early. However, he's still a skeptic for the balance of the season. So, should he be a skeptic or have confidence in the balance of the season?
Jason Kersey 11:22 a.m. I think things look really good right now for Oklahoma, but you just never know what turns a season might take. OU's schedule is difficult going forward, so (except Kansas), any game is losable under the right circumstances. But every game is also very winnable. I think there are reasons to be confident but, if I were an OU fan, I wouldn't be too cocky either
Larry 11:23 a.m. From Sherman on down, you guys do such an awesome job!
Jason Kersey 11:23 a.m. Thanks Larry, we really appreciate you saying that
harry man 11:23 a.m. iowa state is a scary ready (wanna be a cowboy fan)...ISU 45, OSU 47
Jason Kersey 11:27 a.m. Iowa State is definitely a scary team. I think the Cyclones can beat anyone in the conference
Brian Kelly 11:27 a.m. Hey Jason, what does my defense have to do to put the Sooners on their heels early, and keep them there throughout the game?
Jason Kersey 11:28 a.m. Well coach, I think the Irish needs to put pressure on Landry Jones. If ND can do that, it can force him into mistakes, and that gives the Irish its best chance of leaving Norman with a win
Larry 11:29 a.m. Where is Baldwin?
Jason Kersey 11:29 a.m. Mike Baldwin is covering pro sports (Redhawks, Barons, Dallas Cowboys and other pro Okies around the country)
Alum in Az 11:31 a.m. West Virginia wins this weekend. No more "tipping" from their offensive line.
Jason Kersey 11:32 a.m. They definitely could win. It's a tough game to pick
Jason Kersey 11:32 a.m. Thanks everyone for the good questions and have a great weekend!
by Jason Kersey
OU Sports Reporter
Jason Kersey became The Oklahoman's OU football beat writer in May 2012 after a year covering high school sports and OSU recruiting. Before joining the newspaper in November 2006 as a part-time results clerk, he covered high school football for...
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