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Krypton code holds key to secret messages

Anne McCollam advises readers about the value of their antiques.
BY Anne McCollam, For The Oklahoman Published: October 29, 2012


Superman packet holds value

Q: This is a copy of a Superman of America Letter of Membership that I sent for when I was a child. The Superman TV show offered a membership certificate that included a Superman button and the Superman Secret Krypton Code. I still have the envelope it came in and a special folder for keeping the Secret Key Codes in a safe place. I believe I was around 6 when I sent for the membership, but it's hard to remember back that far. I'm 67 now! I would like to know if my certificate has any value.

A: The Superman fan club was established in 1939 and continued until the 1960s. Each membership club packet arrived in an envelope that contained the letter of membership certificate, a secret decoder sheet, a folder to store the decoder sheet and a tin button. Armed with the Key Codes, kids could decode Superman's Secret Messages that appeared in issues of Action Comics. Your Superman packet has sold as high as $300.

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