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GOP needs to change to more moderate ideals

Published: November 14, 2012

It has reached the point where the Republican Party isn't going to win a national election unless it can reach the younger and more diversified demographics. The predominantly well-to-do, white male agenda doesn't carry the weight anymore in heavily populated regions. Young women don't want women's health and reproductive issues forced on them or legislated. Social issues, such as equal rights and pay, are also important to them. Other minorities don't like the far-right agenda and backtracking on affirmative action. Erosion of workers' rights and bargaining rights is another issue in the North and Northeast and far west.

I thought it was prophetic that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan couldn't even carry their home states. I heard that the Republicans hadn't received a popular vote majority in a presidential election since 1988. This is going to grow if they don't find a way to change to more moderate ideals or make others envision their current ones.

Jack Dill, Blanchard

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