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Oklahoma voted against Marxist principles

Oklahoman Published: November 17, 2012

I disagree with Colleen Walker (Your Views, Nov. 14). She's happy the rest of the nation voted to elect a progressive president. Obviously, Walker can't see the destruction these progressive principles have caused in Europe, where they've had the liberal utopia for years — countries buried in debt, high unemployment and a tyrannical government that controls your every move. Sounds great to Walker, but Oklahomans say, “No thanks!”

A cradle-to-grave nanny state may sound great to people who think their only solution to problems is the government. But every time you take a handout, you give up your freedom and dignity. Yes, some people can't provide for themselves and should be cared for. But why should those who can provide for themselves be allowed to live off the rest of us? I don't have a lot, but everything I have I earned. I'm self-employed. I've built my business for 18 years. Yes, I did build that! This is why Oklahomans voted against Marxist principles. I'm proud to live here. We still believe in the Constitution, family, country and rugged individualism!

If Walker doesn't like it, she should know that California needs more taxpayers in that cesspool of liberalism from which producers are fleeing in droves. As for Obamacare, I hope Walker never needs a knee replacement or a pacemaker. She might be told to just take a pill.

Stephen Butler, Yukon


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