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Religious zealots undermine sound science

Published: December 1, 2012

The theories of evolution of living things and of the universe have been refined and questioned for more than 150 years, while evidence supporting them has accumulated steadily. Any scientist disproving either would be famous. None has, so now every competent scientist accepts the validity of both. This hasn't stopped religious zealots from attacking them. Their latest ploy: Teach students to “think critically” and make up their own minds. Sounds good, right? Wrong!

Philosophers, psychologists and educators all have different definitions of “critical thinking.” Since our schools don't adequately teach clearly defined basic subjects, how can they teach something whose very meaning is unclear? Moreover, time spent teaching it means less time teaching the basics.

Today the evidence for both evolutionary theories is so extensive and complex that it takes many years of study to master either one. Virtually no high school student can accomplish it, so they're incapable of sensibly making up their minds on either. When you hear “teach critical thinking and let students decide for themselves,” don't be fooled. It's another attempt to undermine sound science because of religious beliefs.

Elliott Doane, Oklahoma City


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