Gridlock keeps government from moving too far left or right

Published: December 1, 2012

I'm glad there's a Democratic president with a Republican House. It's my hope that this government remains in political gridlock so it can't move too far left or right. Most of us in America are a mixture of the two predominant parties and we're stuck between the socialist Democrats or the tea party Republicans.

I don't want a socialist government and I don't want a big government. I don't want my tax dollars going to con artists and criminals who want to leech off our society. Labor unions are hurting our economy. Our government should operate within a balanced budget. We should put environmental concerns before business. Terms of office should limited so politicians might remember that they serve the people, not their own lobbyist-paid-for agendas. I also believe a church state would be worse than socialism. Having Christian religious values written into law would put us on par with the Middle Eastern countries.

Neither party represents me. Until a good leader comes along, I'll play one party against the other every chance I get.

Russell Canant, Harrah

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