Benghazi explanations new low in deception

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer Published: December 5, 2012

The bold fearless stance our government assumed in the explanation of the Benghazi terrorist attack reveals a new low in deception of the U.S. citizens. According to early accounts, Mark Basseley Youssef was responsible for the death and destruction when he produced a movie critical of Islam that instigated international riots and eventually an attack on our embassy in Libya. This was all a lie and to make the charge of dishonesty more incriminating, they had the brash confidence to blame this man when from the beginning they had knowledge that their explanation to us was a falsehood.

To date, I haven't seen an apology from the government for the defamation of the character of this man, innocent of their charges. Our reaction now must recognize that our government is dishonest and prone to provide farcical explanations when faced with an inconvenient truth. How demeaning. The next question must be about the same as Pilate's query from Christ, “What is truth?” The government won't deliver it. We need to support organizations that attempt to probe for the truth through talk radio and video broadcast while being vigilant that the sinister political forces don't destroy our last avenue for truth. What have we voted back into political leadership?

Tim Griffith, Yukon

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