Politics can't take away our joy

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer email@opubco.com Published: December 7, 2012

Since the re-election of President Obama, words fail to articulate the inexplicable. Nothing politically makes sense other than those who believe in the America they grew up in are finally outvoted by those who reject small government, free enterprise and traditional Judeo-Christian moral values.

How do you explain whites voting for higher taxes, blacks voting for higher unemployment, evangelicals voting for abortion and gay marriage, Jews voting for weakened ties with Israel, military personnel voting for massive defense cuts and chaotic foreign policy, youth voting for generational national debt, women voting for a man supporting infanticide and the 52 percent who didn't want socialized health care voting for Obamacare?

Over 50 years, America has been changing from its 1776 foundation of religious tolerance, freedom to succeed (or fail trying) and smaller government, into religious intolerance, egalitarianism and big socialistic government. Obama's watershed re-election, plus irreversible Obamacare, is the tipping point from traditional America to a different America. Diminishing are Judeo-Christian national mores. Disappearing is governing with consent of the governed. Dying is free-market capitalism. America's death rattle is bigger than Obama. It is spiritual, cultural and ideological.

We all deal with this new political reality in our own ways. For those who believe in Christmas and the true spirit of Christmas, this joyous season reminds us that joy is not happiness. Happiness depends on what happens. Joy springs from within. Neither politics nor country can take away our joy. Merry Christmas everybody! Joy to the world!

C. Dale German, Bethany

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