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Replace broken tax system with flat tax

Published: December 9, 2012

Our tax system is broken. Reforming the tax code and doing away with income tax is the best strategy. A fair, flat national sales tax should replace the existing broken income tax system. This would be a “progressive” tax, as each individual would determine how and when to spend his money. The fairness revolves around the fact that everyone would pay a flat sales tax on the goods they buy, minus food and medicine. If you want to buy that 90-inch flat screen TV, then you pay the tax on it. If you want to buy that new Mercedes-Benz, you pay the tax on it. This would be a breath of fresh air given our current strategies and partisan disagreements.

The size of the national sales tax needs to be determined by both parties. There should be no disagreement on the fact that this would be much fairer than a tax strategy that penalizes small business owners and hard working citizens.

Jim McLaughlin, Harrah