State graduation requirements

Oklahoman Published: December 11, 2012


State graduation requirements

Oklahoma students must earn a minimum of 23 class units to receive a high school diploma, according to the state Education Department. Local school districts can require students to earn additional credits. Students can earn diplomas in two categories: college preparatory and core curriculum. Here are the basics everyone must meet for college prep:

• 4 English classes.

• 3 math classes.

• 3 laboratory science classes.

• 3 history and citizenship classes.

• 2 non-English language or technology classes.

• 1 additional class from one of the categories above.

• 1 fine arts or speech class.

• 6 or more electives.

• Also: In addition to requiring students to complete specific coursework, state law requires students pass end-of-instruction exams. Students must pass exams in English II and Algebra I and two exams from among the following five: English III, Algebra II, Geometry, Biology I and U.S. History.