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Gov. Fallin's common-sense leadership

Published: December 14, 2012

Sam Bowman (Your Views, Dec. 9) asks who is Gov. Mary Fallin listening to and why. I'm not sure she's listening to anyone. Common sense tells her that taxpayers can't be further and continuously burdened by expensive gifts rendered by their own so-called government to the benefit of those who don't contribute, particularly when the costs of those gifts are funded not with cash but with a promissory note signed on behalf of me, a taxpayer, a funder of government!

This has nothing to do with whether one is compassionate or not and everything to do with fiscal responsibility. Compassion dictates that we be fiscally responsible so we're around to be compassionate. And the argument of “Everyone else is doing it!” is no argument either. Because other states are jumping off the “fiscal cliff” doesn't make it right and doesn't mean Oklahoma should follow them over the edge. Thank goodness for common-sense Oklahoma leadership.

Brent Lowell, Bethany