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Flat tax not a viable solution

Published: December 14, 2012

I disagree with Jim McLaughlin (Your Views, Dec. 9). Replacing our tax system with a flat tax isn't that easy. Our current tax system applies a tax rate to a taxable amount. Our problems in that system are the definition and determination of that taxable amount. My first concern is with the definition of goods and the statement that medicine and food would be exempted. As time would progress, additional exemptions would be necessary and then you don't have an easy-to-administer flat tax system any longer. My second concern would be how you would tax buying a desk from your brother-in-law versus a retail business. All the unemployed IRS employees would now work for the state sales tax agency tracking down the Craigslist transactions.

Current taxation is based on years of litigation, which establishes how the game is played. To start over with a new system would throw that foundation out and start over. And the first case would be trying to determine what taxable goods really are! I agree that the system is broken, but a general national sales tax isn't a viable solution.

Leslie C. Vaughn, Oklahoma City