State's resistance to local control of schools

Published: December 15, 2012

The people of Oklahoma have had 22 years to take advantage of a state fund to consolidate the 500-plus school districts. This shows that Oklahomans want local control of their schools. With limited resources to run public education in Oklahoma, it's time to look at cutting administration at the state level by eliminating the state Department of Education and the office of state schools superintendent. The millions of dollars this would save could be put into the classroom where it should be going and the responsibility for educating our children would be put in the hands of our local school boards where it belongs. This change would give our school districts the freedom to come up with innovative solutions to local problems without the one-size-fits-all solutions coming down from the state.

Oklahomans believe in smaller government with less regulation. With schools, however, the state's philosophy is closer to that of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats than that of Ronald Reagan, who said government isn't the solution, it's the problem. Many of the problems with public education in Oklahoma are the fault of the state's resistance to local control of our schools.

Glenn Goldschlager, Midwest City

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