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Handguns need to go away — period

Published: December 16, 2012

Bill Walker (Your Views, Dec. 10) rebuts Bob Costas' argument for stricter gun control laws. Walker compares homicide rates in places with strict or loose gun control laws and asserts that the evidence is obvious. And despite the fact that cherry-picked statistics can support any position, I think he's right. But the real point is that handguns are a plague infecting our society. Gun violence kills nearly 100 Americans every day, and injures nearly 200 more. Yet in the face of overwhelming tragedies and grief, guys like Walker argue that Americans have the right to own as many guns as they want to. And, he's right again, thanks to an archaic law that has no relevance in modern America.

If we could make handguns disappear, would domestic violence go away? No. Would street crime go away? No. Would suicides stop? No. But by its very definition, “handgun violence” would! Why can't we get that? A guy armed with a baseball bat and a handful of rocks could not stroll around a college campus and shoot 47 people, killing 32 of them, or walk through a crowd and shoot 18 people, killing six of them after putting a slug into the brain of a U.S. congresswoman. We can argue til the cows come home about other factors, but handguns enable mayhem. They are the oil that lubricates a national epidemic of violence, and they need to go away. Period.

Mike Barnett, Moore


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