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No chosen nation

Published: December 17, 2012

I share the emotions of Judy Rogers (Your Views, Dec. 12) in part, but I disagree with the building blocks for improvement. As long as our nation descends further into the abyss where there are no absolutes, where standing for something is labeled intolerance rather than integrity, this trend will continue. The value judgment of “conservative vs. liberal” has caused the standard of good vs. evil to be replaced by better vs. worse. The most “conservative” prevailing philosophies of today are in line with the most “liberal” prevailing philosophies of fewer decades ago than we'd like to admit.

More than 15 years ago, a group of college students entered a local mall during a time of year other than the Christmas season. They sang Christian songs as they walked. They were escorted to the door with the admonition to go to a church to do that. Prayer in schools, sadly, can no longer be part of the answer. In our pluralistic society, children from Christian homes might be pressured into sitting still for prayers of Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or any other origin. God hasn't turned his back on us. No nation is chosen by God. He wants the devotion of each human instead.

Even in the Bible, the only hint of a chosen nation was a nation chosen for a specific purpose — not for an exclusive status as a nation.

Russ Sharp, Edmond

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