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Any connection to guns being prohibited?

Published: December 19, 2012

While watching President Obama memorialize those who were shot at Newtown, Conn., I recalled that almost all the mass shootings in the United States have occurred where guns are prohibited. The first I remember was at the University of Texas. The second was at the Edmond post office. More recently were three school shootings, in addition to the movie theater shooting. In all of these instances, guns were prohibited on the premises.

Am I the only one who believes there might be a connection? Someone planning a shooting would hesitate to do so where others may be armed. Guns are currently prohibited on all school campuses, including colleges. Other locations such as post offices and other government locations also prohibit firearms. The theater had signs at the entrance prohibiting firearms.

It would appear that only honest people obey laws. Signs and prohibitions don't seem to affect someone who's determined to kill others, even at the cost of his own life. Instead of trying to restrict guns, perhaps we should encourage those who have permits to carry guns and remove restrictions so that honest people can be protected wherever they may be.

Edward N. Spence, Yukon