Killers will find another way

Published: December 19, 2012

Mike Barnett (Your Views, Dec. 16) believes Americans can have as many guns as they want because of an “archaic” law that has no relevance in modern America. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights aren't archaic. They're the foundations of this great country. Anyone who thinks people not having a gun would have prevented any of these mass murders is wrong. If someone wants to carry out something like this, he will find a way. On the same day this latest tragic event took place, a school was attacked in China; 22 students were stabbed. Thankfully, none died. Since September, 2011, there have been 10 attacks on children in schools in China using a knife, box cutter, axe or hammer, resulting in more than 20 deaths and 100 injuries; most victims were young kids.

Yes, handgun violence could be reduced, but killers will find another way.

Kevin Moss, Oklahoma City

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