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We're all on our own

Published: December 19, 2012

Mike Barnett (Your Views, Dec. 16) mentions “archaic law” that has no relevance in modern day America, an apparent reference to the Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment. Those “archaic laws” are what birthed and preserved what we now know as modern day America; without them we would not exist. Everyone experiences pain and heartbreak when hearing about the tragic deaths caused by someone bent on murder and mayhem, but no one wants to be the victim of such violence. If someone “with a baseball bat and a box of rocks” (as referred to by Barnett) assaulted me, I wouldn't be able to protect myself without a firearm.

I'm a senior citizen. I'm an easy target for someone bent on violence, especially if he had a baseball bat. We are all on our own. If you call 911 and the person trying to rob or kill you agrees to wait for police to arrive, they will help you. But it takes time for officers to arrive. What this boils down to is how can I protect myself and my family against someone who's bigger, stronger and meaner than myself without a firearm. The answer is that I cannot.

Steven E. Morris, Duncan