Now's not time for gun debate

Published: December 21, 2012

In the midst of the horror in Connecticut, many Christians will likely want to take up the counterpoint to the media's discussions about guns and other perceived conservative Christian stereotypical debasements. Please don't take the bait! Don't infuse this tragedy with a religious rigor and commentaries about our lost world and its lost souls. This is a moment for grace to resonate. This is a moment for you to demonstrate patience with those who are confused, angry, bitter and utterly despairing.

Let the world play out its emotions. And you who walk with God, never lose your footing as you trail alongside them in a sacred silence with your only communication being the silent prayer between your spirit and God's. Those who know God carry the answers to these horrors in their hearts, but such answers aren't meant as swords wielded at paper dragons in the media. Christ is meant as a comforter. God represents an understanding Father whose ability to grasp this horror is reflected in the tragic murder of His son for humanity's sins.

You represent this heart, this holy mind, this love. Let others know of God's presence, not His anger. Let them know of His forgiveness, not his disappointment in our world. There will be a time for reflection; at that point, far from where we are now, you can add what happened in Sandy Hook to the litany of evidence for a fallen world.

But not now. Not today.

Wayne Hull, Yukon

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