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Like hungry wolves

Published: December 21, 2012

Aside from the guy who actually pulled the trigger, if anyone is responsible for the murders in Connecticut, it's the anti-gun culture that has taken hold of common sense in America. When a predator selects a target, that target is one that minimizes risk to him and maximizes success. A hungry wolf goes for the young, the injured or the very old, those that have the least ability to defend themselves. America has established “no guns allowed” areas like schools and has given school personnel no means to defend themselves. Had the principal had access to a gun, the death count would surely have been less.

Every honest gun owner in America is hunkering down, waiting for the onslaught of accusations of the evil gun and those who choose to own one. Already there are calls for an assault weapon ban, eliminating semi-automatic guns and more hoops for honest people to buy a gun. Will any of it help? No. Bad people pay no attention to the laws. They acquire the guns they want in spite of the laws.

What would help? Change the laws that stop honest gun owners from carrying weapons on school grounds. Just the knowledge that one of the teachers or a parent might be armed would be enough to change the mind of some predators. Would it stop school shootings totally? No. Nothing will do that, but it would reduce them and minimize the body count on the others.

Phil Wulz, Tuttle


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