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Societal suicide

Published: December 21, 2012

Our so-called cures for societal problems are directed at the symptoms rather than the causes. We can't keep throwing money at a broken education system, or its victims. We can't guarantee raising well-behaved, normal children in broken, drug-dependent or parentless families. Taking guns from law-abiding citizens will only deepen the lawlessness of criminals. Taking God out of our schools and society, and legitimizing every type of deviant moral, physical and psychological behavior, dooms American society to a continued descent into more violence, self-centered behavior and immorality. Society won't improve until America returns to her Judeo-Christian roots and founding principles.

If we truly want to solve most of American society's problems, return to God, return your family to God and return America to its founding principles. Otherwise, we commit societal suicide!

Frank Lipsinic, Oklahoma City