Kindness adds value to work at Edmond thrift store

Cheerful attitudes abound at Edmond's Employment And Residential Centers donation center and thrift store.
by Bryan Painter Published: December 22, 2012

— The vibrant personalities of Mark Jarrett and James Oliver cut right through an otherwise gray December morning.

Jarrett, 52, is a dock supervisor and job coach at the Employment And Residential Centers, or EARC, donation center and thrift store at 100 E Third St.

Jarrett is a job coach to Oliver, 47, who is a dock worker.

The EARC's mission is to provide a better quality of life and encourage greater independence to individuals with developmental disabilities, such as Oliver, said Bonnie B. Wells, executive director for EARC Inc.

Asked about his enthusiastic welcomes for those who walk or drive into the outdoor donation area adjacent to the thrift store, Jarrett replied with a question.

“What's most important?” he said. “The most important thing on earth I think is another human being.

“I'd do anything for these guys.”

About EARC

The EARC has three thrift stores, two in Edmond and one in Guthrie, five community homes and a long-term care specialized nursing facility.

Nine clients are hired to work on staff at the thrift store locations.

There are 20 individuals hired to work on community job crews with coaches providing supervision in these various stores.

Another 24 clients attend the work center program at The Trails Sheltered Workshop and are paid to process donated goods for sale in the thrift stores and other contract work when it is available.

The donated goods taken in, and their subsequent resale, fund the job opportunities, Wells said.

“Our client-employees' earnings allow them the dollars needed to pay for those little extras that they otherwise could not afford,” she said. “However, with this employment, they can proudly say they have paid for it with their own money.

“So, if Mark seems to get excited when you bring some bags of your unwanted clothes, children's toys, electronics or other household goods for him to unload, and gives you a tax receipt for your donation, this is why. He knows that you are a secret Santa providing jobs for men and women who want to work.”

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