Where is the evidence?

Oklahoman Published: December 26, 2012

In response to Uchenne Mbaroanye (Your Views, Dec 15): In addition to theories, science has laws. A law is a fact to which there are no known exceptions; such as the law of biogenesis — only life begets life. Sir Frances Crick, co-discoverer of DNA, recognized the problem this presented for evolution and postulated that aliens may have transported DNA molecules to earth. This only moves the problem of where life originated to outer space.

Just once, I'd like for evolutionists to cite specific evidence in support of their theory, instead of statements such as “There is a lot of evidence to support evolution.” The fact that there are different species is no argument for evolution, as it is commonly understood. Speciation only acts on existing information in the gene pool; it's never been known to create any new information, which is necessary to transform one kind of animal into another kind. As for critical thinking, I prefer to actually examine the evidence before reaching a conclusion.

Dean Cave, Antlers

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