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County commissioners seen in a new light

Published: December 28, 2012

I read with great personal interest “Changing county model makes good fiscal sense” (Our Views, Dec. 19), particularly the kind mention of my late husband, John Henry Ward, whom as your editorial and former U.S. Attorney Bill Price stated, did indeed serve with honesty as a Delaware County commissioner during the 1980s. After John Henry left elective office, he served 13 years as executive director of the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma and worked tirelessly to reverse the negative image of not only county commissioners, but county government as a whole. Largely through his efforts, I'm proud to say the organization I now lead is composed of public servants cut from the same cloth as my late husband — public servants who provide tremendous service to their constituents on the local (county) government level. Oklahoma has weathered a serious political storm. Thanks to the 231 outstanding commissioners who serve Oklahoma's 77 counties today, all Oklahomans should know the future of this important component of county government is very bright.

Gayle Ward, Oklahoma City

Ward is executive director of the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma.